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I can’t be happy without him.

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asking your murderer to clear your internet history for you

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S’mores - Outlaw Queen smut one shot


I had to write s’more porn. It was inevitable, really.


Her laugh is rich and filled with delight as he licks dark chocolate from his thumb. “And what was this called?” he asks in amusement.

They’re both naked, the fire crackling behind them, and her smile is making the sides of her eyes crinkle. “A s’more. Usually for eating during a camping trip in the woods. But, since you live in the woods I thought we’d make it a treat for inside.”

"Yes, living in the woods. I’ve been thinking about that."


He watches her tongue lick around the edge of the graham cracker, his mouth going dry for a moment. “I think I could be persuaded to make my residence indoors.”

"Are you inviting yourself to move in with me?"

"Would you deny such a request?" He hopes to help persuade her, even if he’s fairly positive she’ll agree. Lips drag down her neck slowly, pause at her collarbone as teeth drag across her skin delicately, delighting in the way she tenses before relaxing and dragging her fingers through his hair.

"Isn’t this…a bit cramped for your taste? The indoors, I mean."

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Manip Requests


So I work for a Digital Media company so I spend a lot of time on my computer and when I have spare time (which is often), the thing I love to do most is make manips (usually taking someone’s head and sticking it to something else). So If you have any requests or base images you would like me to attempt to do something with, please send them my way!

I’d prefer if they were Once Upon a Time (Outlaw Queen) or Regina related, but I can make exceptions!

Check out my previous manips here

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ouat challenge:  day eleven - favourite season

Season One "There is a town in Maine where every storybook character you’ve ever known is trapped between two worlds - victims of a powerful curse…" 

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ouat gif battle | tickles my pickle
kiliansswan vs colinodonorgasm

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based on this post

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There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun and it’s been the ruin of many a poor girls…

                                      And God, I know I’m one.

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…that leads to nowhere.

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Me when I read some smut fanfic




Me when i read smut fanfic….


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This is actually how it goes


the accuracy. 

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