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My friend just texted me "Guess what BD Regina and Robin are doing right now" LMAO Just so you know how obsessed we are with this fic of yours, Allison.

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hahahah Well, you’re not alone, because one of my friends texted me the same thing.

Me and my friends have been panting about it all week ;) 

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*waits impatiently for lana parrilla to get the recognition she deserves*


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OQ + quotes

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Dear OUAT Wardrobe Dept.,


For the last season (esp 3B) you have been doing A++ jobs with Regina’s wardrobe. I mean, the color coordination and her dresses/coats/scarves/jackets/pants were fab and flawless—










And then its already S4, and I know how color symbolism works, like…

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She gave me this birthday present, five years before Once Upon A Time, which was a custom bound book of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. And she forgot she’d given it to me so when this offer came up it was so crazy…

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this feeling calls for everything i can’t afford

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after you killed Daniel you told me one thing I’ve never forgotten: love is weakness. And mother, you are my weakness… because I love you.

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My father always told me that my hot latino temper would do either two things: One, get me in a lot of trouble, or two, serve me well at a point in my life so…

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis’ rendition of the Evil Queen gave me the opportunity to bring some latino qualities to this character. She is strong, determined, smart, and most definitely hot- tempered woman.

I wanna to thank the NCLR for all the recognition and support and opportunities they provide for latino families and artists. You help us not only open doors, but kick them down. And my father’s up in haven. Papi, this is for you. Thank you.

Lana Parrilla's speech at NCLR Alma Awards 2012

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Regina Mills + fireballs

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Face Adoration 

↳ Regina Mills→Quiet Minds

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